What should you do if you are dropped out of school in the United States?

Being expelled after copying a classmate’s homework may seem unbelievable in China, but it’s not unusual in American schools. You can be expelled from an American university (also known as 被美国大学开除) if you copy the ideas of other students in your homework, or if you accidentally copy the answers of others in exams. American schools have strict requirements on academic integrity, while Chinese students influenced by conventional thinking, due to their unfamiliarity with the American education system and academic habits, will accidentally step into a minefield.

So what is academic dishonesty? Students in the exam copy the answers of other students, access to information, etc. are considered cheating in the exam, once found, will be punished by the school, the lighter cancels the test scores, the severe ones are dropped out of the US universities (also known as 被美国大学退学). There is also a common academic dishonesty that is academic plagiarism. Academic plagiarism refers to the quotation of other people’s thoughts in writing, but does not indicate the source or does not correctly indicate the source. American schools require students to work, papers, data, works, etc. must be their own original, if you need to quote, you must clearly indicate the source, otherwise it is considered plagiarism. The general freshman writing class will talk about how to correctly quote, students must listen carefully, master various reference formats, and do not let yourself fall into disposition because of negligence.

But what if you are really expelled from a US university (also known as 被美国大学开除怎么办)? Don’t panic, we can first appeal, and we will clarify the objective reasons and special circumstances to the school, indicating that we are not coming to the United States to understand the American education system and academic habits, and that the incompatibility with environmental life leads to mistakes. I really hope to get the understanding of the school. If the appeal is unsuccessful, we can seek help from the study agent to handle the US emergency transfer (also known as 美国紧急转学). There are a variety of study agents, and the level is different. When choosing, you can refer to the study agency evaluation (also known as 留学中介测评) article to understand the service and professional level of each study agent. The level and service of NYIS (also known as 纽约小纽) lawyers are not bad, but the price is relatively high. Dream Go has a high rate of praise in the industry, a good service attitude, a very professional lawyer, and a high cost performance. The reputation among international students is very good.