What is Iridology?

Sometimes one has to go through so many tests for the disease to be diagnosed that it seems that it requires more money and effort than the treatment itself. But there are specialists that can describe one’s health condition by just looking into people’s eyes. Miracle? No – just iridology!

Iridology is a technique that enables to determine one’s degree of health by examining the characteristics of one’s iris. The observations are matched with iris charts that show which part of the body the particular iris spot is responsible for. An iridologist doesn’t require a lot of tools to carry out the test. Just magnifying glass and an iridology chart ‒ that’s it. A slit lamp can also be useful.

Iridology has an interesting history. This practice has its roots in the 19th century. Since then the method has been developed and the modern-day iridology charts reflect the knowledge that has been collected during centuries. But you need to be an experienced iridologist to apply it correctly. One more advantage of this procedure is its ability to assess not just one’s physical health, but also one’s emotional and spiritual condition.

The opponents of iridology (which by the way belongs to group labelled ‘alternative’ medicine) hold the view that the iris structure remains unchanged during life ‒ that is why it is successfully used for identification purposes in criminology, for example. So maybe it doesn’t work in case of acquired diseases. But even if the iris does remain unchanged – it’s still possible to identify the hereditary illnesses as well as to find out one’s susceptibility to particular diseases.

Iridology isn’t part of traditional medicine, and it still remains unclear whether it is actually possible to tell so much about one’s health by just examining the iris. Research was carried out in this respect and the results of the experiment were inconclusive. Still the idea seems to be credible in some respects. Maybe iridology requires more accurate instruments and charts to come along to demonstrate its true potential, and it’s still no use for telling you whether you need David Beckham sunglasses or glasses!

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