Few Tips for Maintaining Various Forestry Machines

Usually all kind of forestry equipment work under very rough and tough conditions. Also, they have to work for longer hours in hot or cold climate, under very rough condition of ground, dusty air and debris all around. Therefore, under such conditions, there are always chances of certain mechanical failure. Whether the operator himself is able to repair or you need to call any service personnel, any kind of repairing can take lots of time and money too.

Therefore, it is advisable to do proper preventive maintenance of these machines so that its life can be enhanced and reduce the chances of any unplanned breakdown. This will not only increase the productivity but also save your time on unnecessary repairing activities off and on.

Here are few tips for maintaining any Payeur forestry machines and equipment so that your machines can remain in top order and stay productive.

  • Clean the radiator

In order to make sure that airflow is moving freely through various cores you must regularly clean the radiator. This will also help in removing various leaves, debris, pollen and dust that gets settled in the machine and keep your machine in clean and free moving condition.

Cleaning must be done by using either high pressure air or with high pressure washing at regular frequency. Most of the modern machines are supplied with air coolers too and if it is not properly cleaned and kept in working order, then there can be plenty of negative effects on the performance of the machine.

  • Regularly check the coolant of the engine

This is necessary to check the concentration of the coolant so that your machine can work without getting hot and also the life of engine is enhanced.

  • Regularly apply oil on the machinery

Applying oil can protect the components of the engine so that it can perform optimally and also its life is further extended. It also reduces the normal wear and tear, detects contaminations between sealing parts and prevent frequent failures that need repairing. If the machine is regularly oiled then repair cost also gets reduced.

  • Use right quality of filters

Cheap filters will make the air, oil or fuel to get contaminated with dirt and can cause wear and tear in the components of the machine.

  • Do not ignore warning indicators

Always pay attention to all the warning signs observed otherwise it may result into any major breakdown in a critical moment.

Following above tips, you can keep these machines in top order.

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