How To Source Stainless Steel Flatware Amongst Catering Equipment?

If you are looking to source stainless steel cutleries for your catering business, it is a good choice. This is a reliable alloy that offers look of quality and lasts longer as well. It is a hygienic alloy that makes catering equipment and supplies safe and reliable. There are certain aspects of stainless steel that you need to know about when sourcing this alloy based catering supplies.

Stainless steel cutleries for catering suppliers in Singapore

When you source stainless steel cutleries, you will find a certain labeling on the packages. This has certain significances:

  • Denotes percentage of nickel and chromium content.
  • Different tensile strength and durability.

As a result, besides looking at dishwashing machines Singapore, one also needs to understand the right quality of stainless steel cutlery items that they need to stock up or rent. For instance, the common labels are 18/10, 18/0 or 18/8. The first number in the ratio denotes the percentage of chromium, which is usually fixed. The second number refers to the content of nickel in the alloy. This number needs to be given importance as it decides durability and weight of the items. Usually items of 18/10 configuration are usually sourced as quality stainless steel items for catering businesses. However, in case anyone has a nickel allergy then such flatware should not be used to serve such people.

Finding the right supplies for cutleries and dishwashing services

Nowadays, several aspects of a catering business can be outsourced. For instance, investing in good quality flatware, especially stainless steel silverware of large quantities can prove expensive. Hence it is best that you look up reliable suppliers when you wish to rent such services or equipment.

It is necessary to ensure that stainless steel equipment such as cutlery items are standardized and of a reliable manufacturing brand. Many rental suppliers on AsiaHoreca offer choices for catering businesses with differing rental terms. Most businesses are Singapore based or in other South East Asian countries.

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