The significance of non woven bags in Singapore’s work culture and the environment

non woven bag singapore

When you think about a non woven bag you would think about a very simple bag, a very basic bag that is perfect for groceries and a great bag for wet markets.

The simple bag with no so simple tasks

But there is a deep appreciation for a non woven bag in Singapore, it’s something that more people use now and it could only mean that people are now more aware of the things that greatly impacts the environment.

Most of the time this is the petition for some people, some retail/grocery stores push for these types of bags. Non woven bags or eco bags, whatever you call it, it has somewhat became an option for customer to “go green”, helping to save the tree population by reducing the production of paper bags, aims to reduce plastic use that actually  never rots and has been one of the source of pollution and floods worldwide.

If you think that Singapore’s weather is good you should compare it 10 years ago, it’s hotter now, not to mention it’s very humid. You wearing your corporate attire doesn’t really help at all too well too and the more that people keeps doing bad things to our environment it will only get worse every year so learn to appreciate Singapore for doing this. Some countries doesn’t even contribute to saving the environment and has continually exploited the Earth’s natural resources. Singapore much like Japan has been a forefront of these changes, having to push a much greener lifestyle and from the looks of things when you see Singapore now things do are looking really bright.

Most corporate adopted non woven bags too, not because they encourage their people to try the wet market, but it’s also a great bag to put in company goodies. A great promotional item since it’s big a company can have their company name big and bold, plus it’s colorful so there’s something for everybody.

The great non woven bag

What ever the reason it maybe, non woven bags has found a place in Singapore and as we continue to push forward with “Go green” it will only get even bigger and a company named Klassic has been providing non woven bags to various companies. Offering high quality items that people will surely love. They also have a great list of items to choose from on their site, for more details visit their site and find out the great things that they offer.

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