SEO – the strongest marketing weapon yet online


Search Engine Optimisation, one key phrase that all website owners should be familiar if they want to be on the top page of search engine Google. If you have no idea of what SEO means or can do, maybe you have just found the solution to your not-so-happening website traffic. Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of increasing the visibility of one’s website on any search engine without paying for advertisements. If SEO is done well, the website will have higher placement on the web search results, therefore more people will click on the site to check out the services that they need.

SEO improves local searches on you

It is important that the services that your website offers is relevant to the needs of the locals. For example, if your target customers are in Singapore, your SEO should also be focused on directing those who are seeking for your services that are based in Singapore to you. If the users are searching for “office rentals” at Marina Bay, Google would provide them with results that are the nearest to them. We all know that you might not be the only one in the world who is offering such services but if your local SEO is done well, you may be the most relevant one to come up based on the location of the people who are searching for such services.

Putting blogging into good use

People do not just go onto the Internet to search for what they want, sometimes they just need an answer to a question or just to look for new input on their knowledge in certain fields. This is where knowledge sharing comes in that will indirectly help in directing more traffic to your site. Blogging on common questions or listing the top few things that people are curious about on certain issues would invite visitors to read your valuable content. As a result, they would develop trust over the site after time and would also refer to the website for any further needs. The keywords used in your blog content should also be well structured to increase the search relevancy and ranking on search engines.

An SEO company to assist in analysis

Every website has their own strengths and weaknesses, but what really is needed would be a solution that is tailored specifically towards your situation. Online information might offer some help, but you need professional SEO services to assist your business especially if it is based in Singapore. MediaOne offers SEO services for your website and works best in tackling the Singapore market. Not only would they run checks on your optimisation, they would reuse your available resources and make it relevant on the search engine through highly used search keywords. Their methods are proven to be effective within a short period of time on increasing traffic and also lifting the website to the first page of Google. This way, you will never miss out on your potential Singaporean market again.

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