PNP’s electrical services for public sector

Are you looking for electrical contractors to improve the electrics within your building, whilst keeping the public safe? PNP Electrical Services Ltd provides an extensive range of services for the public sector, ranging from electrical testing, fire alarm and light installations.

PNP Electricals are electrical contractorsin Manchester,  coveringLiverpool, Wigan, Bolton and Lancaster too.They have vast experience of working with local authorities, schools, colleges and other public buildings – designing and installing electricals quickly and with minimal disruption.

Their team of electricians in Manchester, Liverpool and other areas of the northwest, deliver services for small and large scale projects, offering a complete package that incorporates design, installation, testing, certification and maintenance.

Here are some of the electrical services PNP provide for the public sector:

  1. Electrical rewires

When was your building last rewired? If it’s been more than 20-30 years, it’s time to start thinking about a rewire.

PNP’s electricians in Liverpool, Manchester,Wigan, Bolton and Lancaster can provide you with peace of mind that your electricals are rewired properly.It generally only takes a matter of days to complete, although obviously it can take longer in larger premises.

  1. Light installations

It’s important that corridors, car parks and all other spaces are well lit for safety reasons, and PNP install many different types of lights to make this easier for you.

If you’re looking to update the lighting at your public building,PNP electricians are masters in this field and have the knowledge and expertise to install:

  • Car park lighting
  • Corridor lighting
  • Interior lighting
  • Exterior lighting
  • General and emergency lighting
  1. Security installations

Whether it be fire alarms, access control, door entry or CCTV systems, PNP Electricals will be more than happy to help you secure your public building.

As with all their electricians, PNP’s electricians in Lancaster, Bolton, Wigan, Manchester and Liverpool are fully qualified and work to a high standard. They make sure security systems are installed and maintained in accordance with British Safety Standards – preventing the risk of fire, theft and damage.

  1. Inspection, testing and maintenance

One of the most important services electrical contractors provide is test and inspection. Having your electricals regularly inspected by NICEIC Part P approved contractors will ensure efficiency.

The electricians in Wigan, and all other areas,will test your electrical equipmentto assess its performance, identifying minor faults before they escalate into a major problem.

Making the most of PNP’s testing and inspection services, you’ll be able to prolong the life of your electrical equipment-and maintenance will be easier.

Need to know more about the services PNP Electricals provide for the public sector? They are always on hand to offer their expertise, so call them on 01942 609 511 or email them at today.

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