How Mobile Apps Have Opened New Doors for Marketing

why its critical to be mobile friendly for businesses

The digital marketing industry is evolving and rapidly growing; new tools are introduced every day and these technological advances help businesses reach new markets and advertise their products and services to their clients in better way. And now mobile apps are becoming a popular tool for marketing; do you know people spend 33% of their day looking at their phones and most of the time they spend it on apps. Let’s see how mobile apps have opened new doors for marketing.

Mobile is the Future

There are more mobile devices in the world than desktop computers even though desktop computers are the ones that run enterprises. However, with the emergence of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) culture, now mobile devices have become an essential part of corporate culture and enterprise world. There are billions of devices in the world and this number would grow in upcoming years. It is just a matter of time when businesses would discover better and more effective ways to reach their customers via mobile apps.

Apps are Mobile

You can’t use a laptop or even a tablet while standing in a train and this is just one example of the limitations of laptops and computers. On the other hand, phones are easy to carry and you can use them anywhere you want. From another prospective, the mobile versions of websites are not as useful, handy and feature-rich as mobile apps. That’s why businesses (especially e-commerce websites) like eBay and Amazon has their mobile apps so you can buy items on the go without opening their websites on a phone.

Opportunity for Small Businesses

What you think, is it easier to encourage people to visit your website or encourage them to install your app? This is a compelling argument in favor of mobile apps. People love mobile apps and most of the times they don’t uninstall apps right away even if they don’t like it. On the other hand, a website has to impress a user to encourage him to visit it again. Mobile apps give small businesses an opportunity to grow their community and increase their users’ engagement.


Apps are more customizable than websites and they could be tailored specifically to deliver a certain type of user experience. Businesses can use their resources to do target audience research and based on that data they can make changes and deliver clutter-free experience. This concept is not new as marketers have been doing that for years with computers and websites; however mobile apps open more doors for digital marketing.


That is one of the biggest and most influential advantage mobile apps have over websites and other marketing material delivery methods. Apps can send notifications and keep in touch with their users all the time. All major mobile operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows Phone allow mobile apps to show notifications; now there are two types of users. One who love getting notifications and keep their information up to date and second who don’t like notifications -users can easily turn off notifications.

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