How to Make a Fashion Statement Wherever You Go?

make-a-fashion-statement-with-the-fleurlabelMaking a fashion statement takes a lot of courage and an open mindset. The fashion world is creative, adventurous, and rewarding. Making a fashion statement will garner you attention and admiration everywhere you go.

People making a fashion statement are creative, bold, and confident since they are willing to try and flaunt new combinations and new trends. With the proliferation in online stores in Singapore, all you need to do is browse through collections in your laptop to find what suits you the best. Here are some tips on how to make a fashion statement effortlessly.

Fit and flare

The fit and flare dress is the perfect dress to show off your figure and highlight your assets. It is perfect for all body types and can be worn without any insecurity. More so if you could find fit and flare dresses in interesting textile like denim or colourful print. The dress can be simple yet elegantly show off your body. With fit and flare dresses, you can make a fashion statement even when you go to the Sunday market.

White colour

White dresses shout fashion statement anywhere and anytime. Many people go for the common little black dress and truth be told, it has become a little too common to make a fashion statement. Hence, the colour change from black to white will result in a major fashion statement. White dresses are best paired with simple and elegant accessories to create a subtly charming look.

Return to trendy classics

While the whole world is set on coming up with new trends, going back to the past for inspiration will definitely be rewarding. For example, the matching short set that were popular in the 1950s are making a comeback. Wearing one will definitely make a fashion statement since not many will be open to try the classics. You can easily amp it up with some interesting statement-making accessories to further enhance your classic choice.

Go for a twist

There is nothing more statement making than wearing boyfriend jeans and oversized sweater. While many women shy away from anything that might make them look masculine but rest assured, you will pull it off looking more feminine that you expected. All you need to do is pair it off with a lacy top or a cute skirt. This will definitely make a fashion statement and make heads turn wherever you go.

Be curious and confident to try out new pairings and venture out of your comfort zones to make a fashion statement like never before! Online stores in Singapore will definitely spoil you with choices when it comes to clothes.

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