Importance of Marketing and Sales Promotions for Driving Sales

In case, you think that your job has been completed once the retailer would give you initial purchase order, it would be mistake on your part. However, you should not worry, as a several small vendors tend to forget this. It should be kept in mind that your after-sale task would be to assist the retail buyers in selling the inventory, which they purchased from you. You should have comprehensive understanding of what the retailer would do after they successfully sell your inventory. Would they aging buy from you? Is it related to funding of in-store promotions or is it simply listing the URL of the retailer on your website. It would be imperative that you drive more customers to your retailers. It has been a must-do step.

You should also understand the kind of retail packaging would fit on the shelf of the retailer. Retailers might be required to understand the kind of packaging your product would come in, as most of the times they would have limited space to work with. You would be required to see whether it has been a hanging bag, something to be placed on the shelf or a bag hanging by the hook.


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