Giveaways that people won’t throw away in Singapore

non woven bag singapore

If your company attends seminars, conferences and exhibitions for sales and marketing purposes often, I believe your company should invest in corporate gifts for branding purpose too. However, corporate gifts should be properly chosen to avoid your gifts end up in the nearest trash bins that your recipient spotted. So what are the ‘safe’ gifts that recipients would not throw away and the gifts that attract people in large events?

Start with a non woven bag as a goodie bag with other small gifts

A non woven bag is a great investment when you plan to give a series of gifts or brochures to your recipients. As non woven bag is reusable, eco-friendly and cost effective, non woven bag Singapore is definitely a good thing to start with. Having a high level practicality, non woven bags help clients or attendees to carry stuffs they pickup up at conferences and seminars. Think of the style and design of the non woven bag first instead of focusing on marketing. A good non woven bag should be having attractive colour and fabric that do not hard sell a brand.

Moleskines as a relevant and attractive stationery

Even though things have gone digital, moleskins are still popular for note taking and schedule doing. Giving away moleskins during official or business events could never go wrong. You might want to consider giving away pens or highlight pens that suit the design and colour of moleskins to give away to people. Alternatively, consider classic spiral notebooks that most businessmen enjoy using. They are useful and I believe recipients will be using them even after a special occasion or event. This is the effect of corporate gifts that every company want to achieve – Recipients will use the gifts for a long time.

Unique candies as refreshments

Consider ordering customised candies with company logos printed of them for marketing needs. This is a great corporate gift as giving food could never go wrong. It is one of the best corporate giftaways to attract recipients in seminars, roadshows and exhibitions.

Umbrella is commonly used and needed

As umbrella is a need for most people, why not make this item an attractive corporate gift? Unless faulty, umbrellas are less likely to be thrown away. Make handy and good quality umbrellas with your company logo and people could carry your company logo in rainy weather.

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