Getting The Attention Of Executive Search Firms

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Many job seekers complain that they don’t get the attention of executive search firms. Why does it happen? But when you are looking to fill a position in your company, you suddenly have the attention of executive search firms from everywhere. Well, it can be puzzling. In reality, getting the attention of executive search firms is not that hard. Once you upload your CV on a job portal, many of them will contact you in no time. And if it is not happening, then something is wrong in your approach. What is that? Let’s find out.

It is important to get the attention of executive search firms

  • When you contact them why you haven’t got their attention, they would blame it on the sheer volume of job seekers. Well, stay away from the firms that say such excuses.
  • The right executive search firms have all the tools at their disposal to find the right candidate. And they should be able to reach out to the candidates in no time.
  • One thing that you need to keep in mind is that, you need to have a good CV ready. Sometimes CV can be the problem.
  • These days, people create the typical CVs which are long and filled with all sorts of information not required by the employer. May be the typical CV is what killing your chances in the job market. In that case, you have got to work on the CV to make sure that you get the right attention from the right people.
  • Build a CV which is short, to the point and direct. State your key skills as it is so that the employer will find you easily. There is no need to write essays on the paper. When you write a lengthy CV, you are forcing the executive search firm to read the whole CV to find out what you are good it. It might be a tiring process. And that might be one reason they have overlooked your CV.

Search firms are looking for you

Yes, search firms in Asia are looking for you. Asia has lots of competitive search firms and they are always looking for the right candidate. Upload a good CV and you will get their attention in no time.

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