Get The 90s Look With Custom Jeans

Throughout the ages, there has been a fascination for vintage fashion. The term vintage is loosely used to mean any trend that was in fashion at least ten years ago. Almost every millennial these days is pretty much obsessed with 90s fashion as it had a sense of quirkiness to it, and was all about expression of one’s own self.

It is no surprise then that both teenagers and teens are trying to recreate that style today. Custom jeans are a great way to replicate that fashion, as may not be easily available in stores. Here are some things to keep in mind when going for that 90s vibe:

custom fit jeans

  • Patches, patches, and more patches

If someone is looking to customize their jeans to make it look more vintage, nothing works better than patches. Cheap iron on patches adds character to custom jeans and one can get them made at any place that makes tailor-made jeans.

  • Boyfriend jeans as custom jeans

The 90s was all about wearing baggy clothes and the boyfriend jeans add that flair to every modern fashionista’s outfit. It can be hard to find a pair as it is currently out of fashion, but custom jeans that are tailor made for customers is a great way to get this look.

  • Cutoffs

This is extremely easy to do and can be done at home even by the fashion illiterate. A vintage enthusiast can just cut off the ends of their jeans, and add some extra flair to their custom jeans roughing up the edges and giving it a nice fringe.

With these ideas, one absolutely cannot go wrong when it comes to customizing their jeans. These are great ways to get the fun and flirty 90s look, and can keep one feeling the rock and roll vibe all day.

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