Flaunt your Body Type with The Right Choice of Clothes!

flaunt-your-new-dress-from-the-fleurlabelBody types are always considered a depressing subject. This is because of the mindset that there is this Hollywood-inspired shape which is the best shape. Many women are afraid to venture out of their comfort zones when it comes to the clothes they wear on a daily basis just because their body types are not the picture Hollywood had painted in our minds.

This is changing with the expanding online fashion in Singapore. The presence of many online stores with the latest fashion trends has boosted the confidence of women to try out new pairings and new trends.

It is necessary to know your body type and embrace it because believe it or not, there are clothes for all body types. All you need to do is be confident and flaunt your body!

Hourglass shape

If you are curvy with a tiny waist, then your body type is the hourglass type. It is normal to want to hide your curves behind loose clothes. On the contrary, your curves are your asset. Once you start highlighting them instead of hiding them, you will look and feel great.

How? Croptops, pencil skirt, wrap dress, and wide leg trousers are going to make use of your tiny waist as well as shine the spotlight on your curves. Result: You are going to be the bomb!

Apple shape

If you have a slim lower body and carry weight around your middle, you have the apple body type. You need to wear clothes that highlight your shoulders and legs while taking the focus away from your midsection.

High-waisted circle skirt, shift dress, low-waisted straight leg pants, swing coat and flowy top will be taking the focus away from your stomach by preventing bulge and highlighting your assets.

Banana shape

Those who are less curvy and with hips around the same size as your waist have the banana shaped body. The trick is to highlight the thinnest part of your waist to make sure your hips and bust are highlighted.

Ruffled tops, slightly cropped jacket with a rounded bottom, side-cutout dress, tapered pants, and miniskirt are your friends when it comes to clothes because they are going to make your body appear voluminous.

Pear shape

For those with a pear shaped body, the widest part of your body is your hips. You need to create a balanced look by highlighting your top half. Off-the-shoulder fit and flare dress, structured jacket, A-line skirt, and boot cut trousers will take the focus away from your hips and give you a balanced look.

So, now that you know what to look for all you need to do is browse through the online fashion in Singapore and flaunt your body type!



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