Factors to consider before hiring a skip

Are you looking to hire a skip for the first time? Skip hire is a great way to get rid of waste quickly and safely, saving you the hassle of tedious trips to the tip.

Skips Preston can guide you in making the right choice, making sure you hire the right skip, whether you’re in Preston or surrounding areas including Bolton, Chorley, Leyland and Wigan.

Here are 5 factors to consider to make sure you get the most out of your skip hire:

What size skip do I need?

The domestic skips provided for skip hire in Preston, Bolton, Chorley, Leyland and Wigan are available to hire in many different sizes, including:

  • 2-cubic yards
  • 4-cubic yards
  • 6-cubic yards
  • 8-cubic yards
  • 12-16-cubic yards
  • 20-40-cubic yards

Deciding which one you need isn’t the easiest thing to do but Skips Preston can help you visualise which skip suits your needs best.

Mini skips like the 2-cubic yard and 4-cubic yard skip are ideal for small DIY projects and refits. They can store up to 40 bin bags reliably, saving you the need to transport waste yourself.

The 6-cubic yard midi skips are designed to store 60 bin bags or more. These are best-suited to property clearances and extensions which generate large, bulky waste materials.

Larger than this is the 8-cubic yard maxi skip which is perfect for projects that produce 80 bin bags of waste. Skips Preston recommends these for garden projects in the northwest as they have drop doors to make it easier for you to dispose of soil and other messy materials.

The biggest domestic skips available for skip hire in Leyland (and anywhere else) are the open skips – supplied in 12-cubic yards and 16-cubic yards. You can store 160 bin bags inside these but you must remember not to exceed weight restrictions because they’re only suitable for light materials.

Roll-on roll-off skips are an excellent choice for businesses who produce immense volumes of waste daily. These can fit much more waste in, including demolition waste and wood.

Where will the skip be delivered?

Skips can be delivered almost anywhere. The team at Skips Preston can deliver them to your home or business address and place them safely, making sure they’re easy to access.

With skip hire in Bolton, Chorley, Leyland and all other locations, your skip can be placed on your private property/driveway or the road.

Decide the best place for your skip and let Skips Preston know – they will make sure it’s easy for you to load with waste.

Do I need a permit?

When skips are left on the road youDO need a permit. But this isn’t a problem for Skips Preston.

The local council issue permits for projects and these can be obtained on your behalf by the team at Skips Preston.

The cost of a permit varies depending on the council and is included in the markup cost of your skip hire in Chorley, Leyland, Wigan, Bolton or Preston – making it cost-effective.

What waste do I need to get rid of?

Skips are used for all kinds of waste, ranging from bricks, cardboard, furniture, metal, packaging, plastic and soil.

Knowing what can and can’t be thrown in skips will allow you to keep your costs low – ensuring that you don’t dispose of the wrong items and receive a hefty fine.

Keep the following out of your skip:

  • Asbestos
  • Batteries
  • Chemicals
  • Fridges
  • Paint
  • Solvents
  • Toxic waste
  • TVs

If you need to know more about skip hire in Wigan or Chorley, Bolton, Leyland or Preston, call Skips Preston on 01772 827 603 today.

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