4 Reasons Why you should Use Social Media As Your Customer Service Portal

social media can enhance customer service to improve sales

Social media has been widely used by business owners and marketers to attract new customers. However, smart business people and marketers focus on building relationships with customers either using traditional content marketing or building conversations with existing customers. Social media offers a significant potential to create and build these relationships.


Here are four reasons you should use social media as your customer service portal.


It is fast

People need immediate responses to their issues and questions. Nobody wants his response delayed. Social media has an immediate effect in both ways. The minute something is posted mentioning your brand, or when it is posted on your Facebook wall, the admin receives a notification instantly. A quick response is vital when dealing with urgent problems.


It gives a personal brand experience

A professional brand consultant will tell you that savvy customers prefer dealing with other people than corporations. Providing customer service through social media will allow people to call out and recognize your brand, but it is essentially a person giving the response. There are no tone based phone menus or automatic emails, only a question followed by an answer. It provides an opportunity to think through your reply and present it in a conversational humanly manner.


It encourages more brand mentions

We all understand the value of business branding. Increased interactions on social media offer you increased opportunities to mention your brand. When customers mention you on their posts, they are advertising you to their contacts. When helping them, you have a chance to improve your brand visibility by sorting out their issues fast and even post links to your website for more information. More mentions and visibility can increase your SEO rankings.


Social media users can share their experience

Some social media users have hundreds/thousands of followers and friends on several social media platforms. These users also make frequent updates on their social media accounts. It is important to utilize this opportunity by engaging all users in an urgent, respectful and helpful manner because they will tell others about their experience with your brand. You have a chance to enhance your company branding and possibly get new customers and followers.


To increase your social media followers, you can offer premiums and discounts to those who use social media to engage your company on various issues. Settling problems and answering customer queries through social media has few risks, but the risks are worth the potential rewards.



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