3 best ways to reuse the hat-box flower bouquet


Getting a hat-box bouquet is awesome, because unlike the old fashioned paper wrapped bouquets which you will waste away resources by discarding it when the flowers all dry out, you can reuse them for great purposes.

Although Singaporeans might not wear hats that often, this florist in Singapore has sorted out the most practical ideas here on how to reuse their neat and sleek looking hat-boxes.

  1. Store your remote controls

Remote controls get lost easily because they are so slim and long. It can be in between the papers, inside the folds of the sofa, or chucked behind the television for no reason at all. A hat box would be the most ideal place to store all the remote controls in one place so that nothing gets lost again. It should be kept there, and retrieved from there at all times.

  1. Put your cosmetic bottles in there

Well as mentioned, hat-boxes are great for storing long, slim, cylindrical items. Cosmetics and body care products are best put together in a hat box so that they would not clutter the dressing table and have the possibility of toppling over when placed on the open surface. Fllory’s hatboxes would fit in the elegant setting of your home with its clean and shiny finishing on the outside.

  1. Keep the dust out from the plushies

When you have little soft toys lying around at home, store them away in these hat boxes when you are not playing with them. We all know the nice feeling of caressing soft furry things that would help us relax, and we want to make sure that they are clean and dust free so that it does not affect our health. A hat box is great as it can hold a lot of soft toys with its wide opening and cylindrical body.  

About the online florist

Fllory is a modern flower shop in Singapore that sells their beautiful flower arrangements in their unique hat box designs. Their arrangements are practical, neat and posh, different from any other online florist that you have seen in Singapore. Get your very own unique flower gifts at Fllory’s today!

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