Usefulness Of Pesticides In The Daily Life

The high rise in population and constant decrease in the cultivable land are big concerns for a growing economy. Wastage of the harvest was a big problem that civilization faced for a long time until now. The advent of pesticides Singapore has been saving the agricultural production from the pests. Preservation of harvests is mandatory to meet the needs of Singapore.

Usefulness of pesticides in Singapore

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  • Less wastage

Less wastage of food is directly proportional to high production of agricultural crops. When harvest can be saved from the pests, it can be used to feed many. By preventing the pests from infiltrating the fields or the storage houses, a lot of raw food can be saved from wastage. In this way, the cultivators will be able to produce more and save a lot.

  • Low price

When the amount of food produced is more, the price of the raw items will automatically come down to a considerable extent, making it available for everyone. The low price of the harvest will eventually boost the economy of the country from all aspects.

  • Elevated profits

Agriculture is the main occupation of a nation. Without farmers, it is quite tough for a growing country to survive. This is why these pest-controlling chemicals are very necessary for the farmers to ensure proper production and elevated profits. The decrease in profit can lead to a very less population of cultivators which will create a food crisis.

  • Stopping disease

Most of the pests act as vectors of deadly diseases a posing potential threat to the humanity. Mosquitoes, rats, fleas, lice, etc are killed. The pests are killed with the aid of pesticides, thus the threats of the deadly diseases are eliminated. The lives of humans and livestock are saved. As per statistical calculation, the use of these chemicals has saved nearly 7 million lives across the world.

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