Here’s Why Your Business Needs A Suite For Privileged Access Management!

Management of business data, information, applications and systems has always been a matter of concern. As systems get to the cloud, these concerns have only escalated, given that most security breaches and other issues can be traced back to the employees.

Most employees have some access to business data and systems, but some users are known to have access to critical systems. These are called privileged accounts or super users, who have a bigger role to play within the organization. Keeping a tab on these accounts is more than necessary, because neither one can do away with the role of such users, nor it is possible to ignore the risks of granting such privileged rights. This is where the concept of privileged access management becomes so important.

Reviewing security control options

Businesses have to implement various security control options for keeping a tab on use of business data, information and resources. To facilitate the same, the use of passwords is an obvious thing. However, while smaller accounts and role of those at the middle and lower levels of management can be checked for, privileged accounts need more attention. With privileged access management suite, you can have a check on all the aspects related to these accounts and can focus on how the granted rights are being accessed. PAM, as it is also known, is also a great tool as far as auditing and tracing errors is concerned.

How to make the most of privileged access management?

Identity management suites are more common now than ever, and most of these are designed to offer control to the company, both on-premise and for cloud access. You can actually choose to keep a complete system in place, where every account is monitored. Streamlining the entire process may need consideration, and typically, such comprehensive suits have some scope for privileged access management. Things can be automated for sure, but in case of privilege accounts, you will have manual control on how these accounts are being used.

The task of selecting an identity suite

While businesses haven’t able to get away with privileged accounts, taking a call on controlling and monitoring these accounts have been a matter of concern. What’s also important is to select the right identity suite. There are a bunch of choices out there, but it is necessary to consider the process of implementation and the kind of flexibility that a particular identity suite offers. Companies often have a hard time syncing such identity suites within the existing framework, which is why companies that specialize in implementing such suites are in demand these days. These companies specialize in identifying the security challenges that businesses face, and based on the actual evaluation, they help in choosing and using the right identity suite, which also has privileged access management.

Do not ignore the need for privileged access management. These are people and users who have access to some of the most critical information and systems, and when as their roles change, the mode of access should also change.

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